Douwe G. van der Meer
Douwe van der Meer obtained his MSc in Geophysics from Utrecht University in 2002. He continued research in plate tectonics and mantle dynamics part-time whilst being employed as an explorer in the oil and gas industry. His research specialty is mantle structure interpretation and correlations with the geological and paleoclimatological records. Douwe received a PhD cum laude in October 2017 – in part based on his work on the Atlas.

Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen
Douwe received his PhD degree in Geology from Utrecht University in 2004, subsequently worked at universities in the UK and Norway, and is currently Full Professor of Global Tectonics and Paleogeography in Utrecht. He specializes in plate reconstructions of convergent margins of the Tethyan, Caribbean, and Circum-Pacific regions.

Wim Spakman
Wim Spakman obtained his PhD in 1988 at Utrecht University and was appointed full professor of Mantle Dynamics in 2001. His research interests comprise mantle structure and dynamics and the coupling and interaction of mantle dynamics with crust- and surface evolution.

Thomas J.M. van der Linden
Thomas obtained his MSc in Geology from Utrecht University in 2002 and his MSc in Heritage conservation and management from KULeuven in 2007. He is the webmaster of the Atlas.

Mathijs Koymans
Mathijs received his MSc degree in Geology/Geophysics in 2015 at Utrecht University and developed the Hades Underworld Explorer. He is currently employed as a software developer working on the Horizon2020 European Plate Observing System (EPOS) project.