Hispaniola — 2 Comments

  1. Dear authors:
    These findings are very interesting for us. Until now, I haven’t seen interpretation like this one. As far as I know, the northern limit between Caribbean and Northamerican Plates is between southern Cuba and Jamaica, traced by an strike slip boundary type that goes until Haiti. It would be interesting to analysed this diference with your model.

  2. Hi Enrique,

    Thanks for your comment. We interpret the Hispaniola slab to have subducted prior to the formation of the Motagua-Cayman fault zone around 50 Ma, which formed during or just prior to the collision of the Caribbean plate with NAM, forming the Cuban fold-thrust belt (Remedios, Camajuani). The associated slab that consumed Proto-Caribbean lithosphere must have broken off, and due to the absolute westward motion of North America, Cuba is now located west of the broken-off slab, that now resides below Hispaniola. The Cayman strike-slip system connects eastward with the Lesser Antilles trench where the Caribbean slab subducts, probably starting around 45-50 Ma when the Caribbean plate changes course from NE to E-ward relative to North America – DJJvH

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