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  2. Hi all,
    I have a problem. From Mesozoic to Eocene the South-western sector of the Alpine chain extenden from Piedmont to Gibraltar. When the onset of the westward Apenninic subduction begun, the roll-back of Sardinia and Italy opened the Western Mediterranean basins, resulting in the fragmentation and dispersal of the SW sector of the Alpine chain.
    Are there some traces of this slab deep in the mantle, presumably under Italian Peninsula?

  3. Hi Aldo,

    Yes, there are certainly traces of that: the subduction of the Piemonte-Ligurian ocean to the southwest of the Alps led to a series of separate slab fragments: the North Apennine slab, the Calabria slab, the Kabylides slab, and the Gibraltar slab. You may check out van Hinsbergen et al., Tectonics 2014, for a reconstruction.

    Douwe vH

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