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  1. Does this means that Tethys Ocean (in Arabian margin) closed 65 mya? I ask because many studies, even today, cannot agree on the closure. Many says that Tethys ocean (in Arabian margin) closed 30 mya. Others says that closed 66 mya. All these studies that claim a late closure are done upon isotopic compositions and studies on Zagros belt. What do you think about the late closure hypothesis?

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    • The Arabia slabs detached from the northern Arabian margin when Arabia arrived in an intra-oceanic subduction zone. The leading edge of the upper plate is preserved as ophiolites, such as those of Oman and Syria. However, at that time, a large part of the Neotethys Ocean was still open. The arrival of the Arabian margin, passively carrying the Cretaceous ophiolites, in at the Eurasian margin is sometime between 28 and 20 Ma in Iran, and between 20 and 10 Ma in SE Anatolia.

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